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April 2030


Artistic residency DOMUS, Galatina, Italy



I studied the book 'The twilight of the body': images of female aging, by Caroline Schuster Cordone; an essay that addresses the complex and highly topical issue of representations of old age in women and focuses on images of the elderly woman in 15th-17th century Italy.

Key word of the study is <Sénescence>, aging, in particular the relationship of the elderly woman with society and the family, the question of the senescent body and the transgressive attitude of the elderly woman towards sexuality and motherhood.

The reflection on female senescence also invests the aesthetic discourse that, at the dawn of the modern era, focuses on the young female body. A projection of physical and moral perfection, an object of desire, the figure of the beautiful young woman combines the attributes of the beautiful and the good.

Conversely, ugliness is also embodied by a woman, but this time by the 'old woman', who often symbolises the moral decay attributed to all decrepitude.
As she grows old, woman loses not only her femininity but also, it is believed, her humanity.
I would like through your residency with this particular focus on the body will gibe me the time and space to express my work in this direction. I have started some material in my last residency in April. You can see some example on my portfolio and the video links.
The « Body » is exactly my subject, we do not have a body, we are a body and it is changing and embracing every step of our life. The time is passing through us.

« The skin (/po/, from Latin: pellis) is an organ composed of several layers of tissue.

It is the first protective barrier of the body in the Chordates ». 

I see skin all around me, not just human or animal skin. I see outer shells in everything.I see layers and especially textures.

Hence a reflection, both intimate and anthropological. I expressed in multiple media, which are linked through the original element in my research, which is thread, vegetal element and fabric, as the main portal to the question of the body. My reflection on this theme focuses on the skin, on lines that manifest themselves in signs of aging, wrinkles and the way they form. I want to show the beauty of these changes.

Senescence is also a reflection of life, because growing old is being alive and not just going towards death.

The experience of time passing and the difficulty of standing individually in front of one's own aging.

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